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Making Pot Pourri with Dried Lavender

Pot pourri making is relatively easy, and nearly every traditional recipe includes dried lavender.

making pot pourriTraditional lavender pot pourri will fill your house with the fresh, calming smell.

You only need one part lavender to about four parts other ingredients. Try rose buds & petals, cornflower petals, dried garden herbs, chamomile flowers.

Mix your selected ingredients with a few drops of essential oil (just lavender, or mixtures such as rose & lavender, or rose, geranium & lavender in varying ratios) and a sprinkling of orris root powder (available from health food shops) to fix the fragrance. Seal in a tupperware box and leave in the airing cupboard for a few weeks for the fragrance to develop. Then display in a pretty bowl.

Lavender is very popular in the home as it has a very clean smell.

Variations: blend some other essential oils depending on where your pot pourri will be placed: try just rose for a romantic bedroom pot pourri; rosemary & orange for the kitchen.

For an instant effect, substitute fragrance oil for essential oil, and skip the orris root powder and time to develop. However any aromatherapy benefits may be lost.

Be careful to protect surfaces and skin when using undiluted fragrance oils and essential oils.

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“The lavender is truly lovely.” R.P., Bath.

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