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Empty bag selection

Empty bags to buy online in a selection of sizes and designs.
Fill as you wish, to make gifts, wedding favours or lavender bags.

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empty bagMini organza bag empty
Pretty organza bag in a selection of 27 colours. Approx 6x8 cm with drawstring. Holds about 8g of lavender.

empty bag largeLarge organza bag empty
Pretty organza bag in a selection of colours. Approx 10x12 cm with drawstring. Holds about 20g of lavender. (mixture may include colours not listed). LOW PRICES!

Now available in Extra large - see inside shop for details.

empty bag embroideredEmbroidered mini pillow empty
Embroidered cotton mini pillow ready to fill. Approx 11x14 cm with velcro closure. Holds about 10g of lavender. "Lavender pillow".

lavender embroidered bagEmbroidered bag small empty
Embroidered bag ready to fill. Pretty white drawstring bag embroidered with lavender, 9x12cm. Holds about 20g dried lavender. (front of picture)

empty pouchCotton pouch empty
Cotton pouch ready to fill, pack of 10. With velcro closure and hanging loop, 7x8cm. Holds about 10g dried lavender.

empty pouch largeCotton pouch large empty
Cotton pouch ready to fill, pack of 10. With velcro closure and hanging loop, 10x10cm. Holds about 20g dried lavender.

tulle wrapTulle circle
Tulle circles, pack of 25. Use these delicate wraps for making your own wedding favours. Sold empty, 22.8cm diameter. Choice of colours.

Elasticated bows, white ribbon with a silver or gold elastic

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Mini organza lavender bag
Large organza lavender bag
Cotton lavender pouch
Lavender pillow  lavender cushion   lavender sachet

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“The lavender is truly lovely.” R.P., Bath.

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