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Dried lavender kilo size packs

Dried lavender kilo packs to buy online and other quantities from 50g to 10Kg. Coming from the lavender fields of Provence, our dried lavender is high in essential oils, producing a highly fragrant flower which is great for lavender bags, home crafts and weddings.

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Dried lavender is available loose, and the more you buy, the better the price. Our 1kilo, 5 kilo and 10 kilo sizes are available at a wholesale price to all.

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dried lavender kiloFragrant dried lavender, Lavandula X Intermedia Grosso variety.

*None of the lavender on this page is suitable for food use. See our lavender cooking page for culinary lavender.

lavender kilo
Fragrant dried lavender kilo packs are the size of a football.

More pack sizes:
1 Kg
5 Kg

Sturdy sack (about 100x60x20cm) 10Kg

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Also available Organic lavender & Blue lavender

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“The lavender is truly lovely.” R.P., Bath.

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